My name is Mark, I am the director and founder of North London Box Sash.

As a young boy I was fascinated watching my father work with wood, making furniture and detailed carpentry and joinery. He was a foreman, a ‘City And Guilds’ master of his trade working in places such as Buckingham Palace, The Natural History Museum and prolific city buildings. As a young teenager my fascination grew and I started making speaker boxes for friends, skateboard ramps and shelving units. Leaving school I achieved the highest grade in Design and Realization and being naturally creative with my hands a skilled trade was what I desired.

Mark, Carpenter @ North London Box Sash

I was taken on as an apprentice in Stamford Hill as a glasscutter and glazier and in a few years mastered the trade, as the company I worked for closed, two carpenters whom owned a carpentry business and operated from a glass shop in Tottenham took me on as their apprentice. Stationed in the shop I continued my trade cutting glass for customers and glazing sashes. The carpentry company was predominantly box sash orientated having window contracts with both Haringey and Islington council, over the years I was gradually taken on site to work with sash windows and other various carpentry projects.

Gaining experience, my skills were soon noticed. I was given a van and sent on site to carry out surveys, organize materials and carry out carpentry projects.

After many years of service, time come to move on and in 2001 I created and formed my own company Supreme Carpentry. My focus was on sash windows, doors, stairs, and flooring and a specialist in meticulous oak woodwork.

My company was extremely successful, for over ten years I built up a reputable and well respected business, my details were constantly passed from customer to customer until advertisement was no longer a requirement. My most enjoyment was working with Edwardian and Victorian box sash windows, fascinated with intricate moldings and large scale box sash bay windows. Taking advantage of a growing industry in 2011 I created North London Box Sash.

To date my company is at the forefront of the box sash window industry, we are still growing each year and 2014 being our best year to date. What makes my company special is the personalized service I provide to my customers. If you book a visit with us it will be myself that carries out your survey, I will personally accumulate and send your estimate to you and all correspondence will be with myself. If you decide to proceed with your estimate, it will be myself and my team that will carry out your installation, in meticulous detail from start to finish.

If you would like a personalized experience and are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.